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When Frustration Steals Your Heart

When Frustration Steals Your Heart

I've noticed just over the past couple of days how my heart has grown increasingly bitter and captivated by frustration.

Part of that is because I worked overtime with few breaks over this past week or so.

The the other part (a bit of a larger part in this) is due to my lack of time spent in God's word this weekend.

And then there have been some other circumstances outside of my control that have provoked this frustration as well.

Some parts coming from issues at work. Other parts coming from trying to heal from a broken relationship.  And another part coming from me allowing discontentment to begin to fill my heart.

But regardless of the cause, I have handled this frustration incredibly poorly.

I have let it build and grow. I have nearly kindled it by dwelling on it and justifying every part of it.  I have ranted and raved.  And I have proven every way that I am right in feeling and doing all of these things.

But the truth is, I couldn't be more wrong.

Because this frustration has now casted shadows on relationships, blamed other's for my emotions, and prevented any real progress to take place amongst the issues causing the actual frustration.

Frustration stole my heart.

The enemy used frustration to prevent me from seeing people as people - instead I saw them as a problem.

The enemy used frustration to keep me from trusting in my decision and God's plan - and my heart became filled with doubt, shame, and discontentment.

The enemy used my frustration to steal my joy - and I became bored, unmotivated and bitter.

It can feel so good to rant and rave in frustration and get this heavy weight off our chest. And it can even be healthy in certain environments.  But if we act in frustration towards others, we let the enemy win and we all leave empty handed.

And I'm guilty of the latter.

But tonight my prayer is this:

That we not let frustration steal our hearts.  That we understand what we are feeling is real, and possibly even justified but that we would strive to reconcile the issue prayerfully and peacefully.

The enemy loves conflict.  He loves broken relationships and bitterness.

But we are called to not succumb to his conniving antics.

We are called to be the light. To take our anger and deal with it righteously - in such a way where problems are resolved, relationships restored, and His glory proclaimed. 

Let's go.  Make your spirit greater than mine God.  Take away my frustration and take back my heart.

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