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What To Do When Believing Is Hard

What To Do When Believing Is Hard

Before I recommitted my life to Christ I remember being bitter towards Christian students at Baylorwho were really confident in their faith.  I just didn't think there was any way they could have it all figured out.  And, they were making me feel bad about the choices I was making.  Who were they to act all perfect?

I was insecure.  In my faith and in who I was.

There were a couple of Christian events and gatherings that I attended that did truly feel real and honest and talked about the real struggles of the Christian life in college and beyond that God really used to begin to tug at my heart, but as a whole I just wanted to grab these over confident Christians by the shoulders and say, "It's just not as easy as you make it seem!  How do you know it's all true!?  How do you know that you're living the right way?"

(Ironic, I know.)

But what I have learned since, is that this Christian life isn't easy.  And that sometimes walking in the faith and believing what we believe is hard.

But when believing is hard, God has graciously provided for us places to go to find peace, assurance and to be encouraged: we can go to Him through prayer and by His spirit, His word and voice through scripture, and to His people living and encouraging one another together as His church.

In the Gospel of Luke...

...when the angels appear to the women at the empty tomb, the women rush back to the disciples to tell them that Jesus had risen.

The crazy part?

The disciples didn't believe them.

Peter went so far as to run to the tomb himself.  He ran in, saw the linen Jesus was wrapped in lying there, and verse 12 says, "...he went away wondering to himself what had happened."

Peter who lived with, walked with, witnessed His miracles, and was told by Jesus that He would die and be raised again, wasn't sure what to think!!

But God in His loving kindness continued to reveal the Risen Jesus to the disciples, despite their doubt.

So what can we do when we too struggle with this doubt?  When believing is hard for us today?

1.  Doubt Your Doubts

See the video below: "Doubt your doubts and you will see that they are just as empty as the tomb that I walked out of."

2.  Bring Your Doubts to God

The enemy often wants to use our doubts to distance us from God.  The enemy wants to convince us that our doubts are true.

But just like Jesus continued to reveal Himself to His disciples time and time again, He will continue to reveal Himself to us. 

All He asks is that we come to Him.  Pray for Him to give you eyes to see Him in whatever you are going through.  Pray for Him to make His presence known to you.  And seek His presence in His word and His church.

3.  Bring Your Doubts to Your Community

The enemy also wants to use our doubts to isolate us.

He wants us to feel like we are the only ones having these doubts and that we should be ashamed of them.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

When believing is hard it is so important that we not only go to God but that we go to those who are walking with us through this life.  Those who will comfort us, remind us of truth, and let us know we're not alone.

Don't let the enemy win when believing is hard.

Because you wanna know a secret?  Jesus wins.

Doubt your doubts.

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