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What Your Expectations Are Keeping You From

What Your Expectations Are Keeping You From

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through the book of Acts in the Bible.

(If you’re not a Christian…hang in there – I still think you could learn something form this post).

And as I’ve been going through it with my community group and with my Church I began noticing a couple of things that just really blew me away.

One of them being how adamant the Pharisees were that Jesus was not the Messiah.  Despite the miracles still being performed in His name by the disciples after His death and resurrection, despite the multitudes of people joining the Christian church, and despite the many claiming to have witnessed the resurrected Christ – the Pharisees were unmoved not only in their belief that Jesus Christ was not God but also that those who believed He was should be persecuted.

Now I understand how hard it is to admit you’re wrong.  But I just have to think that if I lived in the time of Jesus that I would have to be like…okay, something different is going on here!  Maybe these apostles are on to something!

But the Pharisees and really all of the religious rulers during that time were determined to see the end of the church.  They were determined to prove the Christ was not King.

And I just can’t help but think to myself…why?

Is our pride really that strong?  Maybe…

But then God gave me another thought.

While yes, I do think great pride can be both dangerous and powerfully convicting, I think there was something else getting in the way of these religious leaders.  Something else that prevented them from recognizing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  And I think that thing that was holding them back was…

Their expectations.

You see, the religious leaders of that time expected the Messiah to look like they did.  To be religiously elite like they were.  To worship how they worshiped.

But Jesus didn’t do any of those things.

In fact, more often than not, Jesus went against the grain.

And because He didn’t look like what they expected Him too, they couldn’t see Him for who He was.

Have you ever felt that?  Have you ever looked back on a moment or a person and realized your preconceived expectations kept you from what could have been an amazing opportunity or relationship?

Now I’m not trying to put you into some sick thought cycle of regret and “what could have been”, but I think it would be extremely healthy for us to take a moment, look around at where we are:

Are there any opportunities sitting right in front of us that we should be taking?  Are we pushing them aside in constant pursuit of better or being paralyzed by the fear of possibly missing out?

Or are there any relationships that we aren’t seeing or pursuing because they don’t look like what we expected them too?  Ladies, I’m talking to you.  Who is that really great guy that you just keep pushing to the side because he looks and acts a little bit different than he did in your dreams?

Goals are good y’all, but expectations can be blinding.

And we must be constantly pausing, stepping back, praying, and seeking counsel to make sure that our eyes remain open and able to see what God has put in front of us.

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