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I'm Too Busy To Think About Heaven

I'm Too Busy To Think About Heaven

I've talked to quite a few people who have told me that they just don't think about their faith or what happens after this life is over a whole lot.

They have a general idea of what they believe that they seem to to be at peace with, and now they've moved on to bigger and better things.  Things that are the here and now.  Things that matter.

Or so we think...

A patient this week told me that they believed in God but "that was it."  When I asked what they thought about Jesus or why they weren't so sure about him, the patient simply replied that they just didn't think about it all that much.

When I went to respond to her and encourage her about the importance of thinking about what comes after this life and what we believe about it, I was suddenly convicted.

I said, "You know, I totally get that.  Because over the past few days for me, I haven't thought about it either."

I told them that the enemy uses all sorts of things like busyness to keep us from thinking about God and Jesus.

I gave them some resources, and prayed with them that they would begin to ask more questions and to think about things more.

You see, the ultimate goal of the enemy is to have us not think about God.

He does this by making us too busy, too driven, and too presently and future-goal focused in such a way that we ultimately forget about the idea that tomorrow might not actually come.

The enemy would love nothing more than if we were all to become brilliant scholars, wealthy business men and women, and human rights activists, fighting to better this world without actually ever considering the creator of it and what comes after it.

Beautiful dreams and heartfelt intentions are still only temporary in comparison to the eternal home in which we will all one day live.

When we become too busy to think about heaven, we miss the entire point of this life. 

God will continue to use our work whether we acknowledge Him or not.  But if we fail to acknowledge Him now, the rewards and successes we achieve during this life will only be temporary.

Instead, we must never become too busy to think about heaven, but rather we ought to be constantly thinking about heaven.

We ought to wake up every morning and see it as a gift from our God in heaven.

We ought to see every customer, patient, client, or family member that we serve, live life with, and work for as a child of God, made in His image, that has dignity and deserves respect, and whom will spend eternity either away from God or with Him in heaven.

We ought to hope for heaven.  Every day when work is hard, when suffering is present, and pain is endless, we ought to praise God that this isn't our home!  And that He's coming again to make all things new.

I am far too frequently too busy to think about heaven.  But we must hold one another accountable to take time each day to remember that this world isn't it.

We aren't here to live for the here and now, we're here to point others towards the hope with have in our eternity with Jesus. 



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