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So glad you're here.  This story you and I are living is so much bigger than us.  So excited to get to be a part of it with you.

We've Stopped Asking, "Is God Real?"

We've Stopped Asking, "Is God Real?"

In America, we don't ever ask, "Is God real?" anymore.

We can afford to forget about God.

We have healthcare professionals to heal us when we are sick.

We have schools and universities and science to tell us that if we study enough we will be able to understand anything and everything.

We can workout to get stronger and use caffeine to stay awake longer.

We have technology that tells us what the weather will be like tomorrow, what traffic is ahead, and where to go to get the best meal in town.

We can record things that happened yesterday and watch them today.

We can sit down and talk with someone face to face who is actually thousands of miles away.

We have medications for our pain, our anxiety, and our inability to concentrate.

So why would I need God when I can just learn more, ask google, or medicate?

Why would I ever need to ask, "Is God real?  Or is He not?"

The truth is, I can imitate God.

You can what now?

I can imitate God.

I can recreate the highs I get when I sing praises to His name.

I can attempt to learn and gain all His knowledge by studying all of my nights away.

I can recreate His peace, when I close my mind and meditate.  Or when I travel far and wide to search for something of the same.

I can recreate His pleasures with alcohol and sex or images on a screen,

I can recreate His joy by achieving success and filling my life with material things.

I can imitate God, because I am made in His image.

And you can imitate God, because you are made in His image.

And so in America, we believe that we can afford to not believe because we can imitate;

But what we can not do, even in America, is ultimately replace.

Because ultimately replacing a God who is ultimate would be like taking away what puts breath in our lungs and trying to come up with something else to uphold us.

Because I can not give breath to myself.  I can not defeat death myself.

And while maybe you think you don't need that.  That you don't need that life after death - that this life is just swell,

I want to remind you that the world you love is someone else's hell.

So when you take that last breath, which could be tonight,

You'd better hope, your life was truly, worth the ride.

Because if you choose not to believe, your reward will be complete.

You will have left behind your heaven and found yourself at your creator's feet.

Because there's no historical evidence for a Christ that was not crucified,

And there's plenty of present day evidence that He is still alive.

You see, history isn't about making much of man and his progress,

History, is about His story - and making much of His awesomeness.

So while we can afford to continue to create and produce things that meet our temporary needs,

We can even do good works and support causes to make us feel complete.

In the end, we can not actually afford to not believe.

So, what do you think?  Is God real to you?

I pray He would reveal Himself to you.

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