Hey Friend,

So glad you're here.  This story you and I are living is so much bigger than us.  So excited to get to be a part of it with you.

Sometimes All You Can Do is Sit in It

Sometimes All You Can Do is Sit in It

Sometimes, there are no words that you could say or write down to make sense of a situation.  Sometimes there is simply nothing you can do to make something better or to make the bad things go away.

Sometimes, all you can do is join hands, bow your heads, and sit in it.

Just over the past couple of weeks and really months I've either watched or seen or heard or distantly experienced some of the not so fun things in life.

The things that don't necessarily make the headlines of the evening news but still the things that touch our hearts deeply, and change our lives forever.

A baby cousin who never knew a home other than the intensive care unit at the hospital.  A town whom many I know call home, that lost 6 community members, parents, in a plane crash and left 11 children orphaned.  And a family friend who lost their wonderful, talented, and bright-spirited son to an unexpected and brief illness at the young age of 20.

These things I can't write about.  And I can't tell you how to walk through them because I don't know how to walk through them.

I can't make them better because they can't be made better.  They happened.  They are real.  And now, they are a part of our stories.

And we can't escape these moments.  We can't deny that they happened or make them go away.  All we can do is sit in these moments.

But while we are sitting we can do something - we can dwell on the truth.  

The truth that the reason we sit where we sit is because we live in a world filled with sin,  And the reason we suffer the way we suffer is because this world isn't perfect. 

And when we realize where we are and where we are supposed to be,we realize that this isn't the end, but only the beginning. 

Because of our hope is in Jesus, every tragedy has been redeemed. And though we sit where we sit we can carry on in victory.

We may not feel better tomorrow, And our loved ones won't return. But while we sit we can have hope, And we, can carry on.

We can not let Satan win this game and tell us God isn't good, We can sit together and bow our heads and be reminded of the truth. The truth that this pain we feel has been defeated, And that one day all who believe will again be made new.

Sit in it.  Rest in Him.  Have hope.  And carry on.

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