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The Problem With A 'Season' Of Faithfulness

The Problem With A 'Season' Of Faithfulness

There's a phrase in the church community regarding faithfulness that though, it means no harm, could confuse the one receiving the phrase or the nonbeliever overhearing the phrase out of context.

The phrase is: A season of faithfulness

It can be used in a variety of ways...

Have you walked through your season of faithfulness?

I know things aren't going well, but God has really blessed this season of faithfulness.

I really need just a season of faithfulness to really see where God would have me.

Faithfulness Isn't Just For A Season

The only problem with this phrase is, that faithfulness isn't just for a season.

It can't be.

This phrase is one I have abused in my season of singleness.  I used faithfulness as a way to describe this new season.  I told myself that I would use this time to really be faithful.  I would use this time to trust, abide, and obey in God's will and His way for me.

And then I read this article by Jordan Lee, that convicted me to the core.

In it she writes,

Similarly, I think we tend to treat God very much like a crash diet, like a means to an end, in the sense that when we feel broken or our hearts are heavy, we run to Him for help. While that's always a great place to run, it can become very easy to treat Him like a crash diet - a quick fix, a fast, but sometimes (unintentionally) temporary, solution to our heartbreak or trouble - instead of a complete and total lifestyle change." -Soul Scripts, by Jordan Lee

And part of me - granted, not the whole part - knows that I have done just that.  I have run to God during this time and expected Him to give me something amazing to fill the void of a failed relationship.

I know that part of me knows I sought faithfulness simply because I saw in my heart that I was not being as faithful to the Lord as I should be.  I was seeking my own power, insight, and dependence.  But part of me also knows that I have been seeking faithfulness in hopes that God would eventually reward me for it.

Faithfulness Is A Response, Not A Fix

What I've come to realize is that faithfulness isn't an act to receive a reward.

Faithfulness is a response to a gift.

A gift so great that no amount of faithfulness would be a worthy response!!

We respond in faithfulness when we realize and recognize the magnitude of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

It is in faithfulness that we walk, not because we want to be good enough to be accepted, but because in spite of how imperfect we all are, He still accepts us.

I don't want to use faithfulness as an excuse or a solution anymore.  Instead, I want to live faithfully so that my life produces the light of Christ to all who still do not believe.

I want to walk in faithfulness so that others question, so that I can then point them to the hope we have in Jesus.

To the gift He has given us.

To tell them that really, no other response would do.

Faithfulness isn't a crash diet, a quick fix, or a solution to our season of hardships.  Faithfulness is a life change that every believer is called to.

How are you doing?  Share in the comments section your experience with faithfulness.  Or shoot me an email about areas you struggle with as well - would love to be praying for and with you through them.

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