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Living Saved

Living Saved

Back in high school, I remember talking to a friend about how we didn't like the term "saved."

She wasn't a believer and I had begun to feel like Christianity was a bit too "exclusive" myself.  And saying that some people were "saved" while others weren't, just seemed wrong.

But as I've grown and recommitted my life to Christ, I have come to fully understand that we are in fact saved, and that I nor any other saved individual really has anything to do with the fact that we are saved, and that the act in which we have been saved through was not actually meant to exclude, but to invite!

Jesus' death and resurrection was not an act intended to condemn or divide, it was an act to redeem all mankind.

And while I don't look with such disdain on the word "saved" anymore (I actually see, hear, and say it with an incredible amount of awe and eternal gratitude), I do still find it difficult sometimes to live this saved life.

It's as though I have created barriers that keep me from living fully saved.

Can you relate?

Or maybe you're not sure what it means to live fully saved.

Living fully saved doesn't mean that there are different levels of how much you are saved.

You're either saved or you're not.

What I mean by living saved is that we are living completely under our new saved identity.

But in today's world, we have a million and one things trying to make our identity about them and keeping us from our new identity in Christ.

Instead of living saved, we live for the raise.

Instead of living saved, we live for our next get away.

Instead of living saved, we live longing for our wedding day.

And this is just not how we ought to live!  It's not how God WANTS us to live!

I want to challenge us all today to live fully saved with these four simple reminders:

Living Saved Means Enough

The hardest thing to do today is to settle for enough.  It seems that every time we achieve or get what we want, we're ready to move on to the next thing.

I'm not even sure many Americans today could define "enough."  What really is enough?  One car?  3 meals?  A six figure salary?

Enough has become a distant, unattainable status.

What we so often forget, is that Jesus is enough.  Our salvation that has been given to us freely is ENOUGH.  It is enough to make the greatest riches on this earth look like nothing but dust.  It is enough to make our biggest let downs or messiest mess ups be completely washed away.

Accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior is enough.  Nothing else can compare.

Living Saved Means No FOMO

Scrolling through social media is enough to make anyone think that the life they're living isn't enough.

We begin to believe that we should be doing what other people are doing, living where other people live, and we fail to grow where we are planted.

We live in constant fear of missing out (FOMO).

What we fail to remember is that being saved, means that we get to spend eternity in heaven.  And that in the end, this earth will be remade, and we will get to see and do anything and everything we didn't get to do here, now - better and for eternity.

Books to Read: Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Living Saved Means it is Finished

I find myself in my doubtful moments wondering if God will really have me when I leave this earth.  I know my thoughts, and I know He knows my thoughts, and many times I know my thoughts go places they shouldn't.

Not to mention when I slip up in a more noticeably way.

But being saved is a one time thing.  When Jesus hung and died on the cross He said, "It is finished."  And He meant it.

And while we should continue  to repent and turn from our sin and take captive our thoughts, the truth is, "We are not bad enough to miss heaven, or good enough to get there on our own."

Living Saved Means Secure

And finally, living fully saved means that we can live fully secure.

Living saved means that we don't have to seek or chase our identity or our completeness in the eyes of others, at our jobs, or from our spouses, but that we are fully secure in our identity as saved children and heirs of the kingdom of God.

Living saved means that we don't depend on our finances or our own self-taught wisdom to sustain us, but that we rest secure in His wisdom and His provision that surpasses all understanding.

Living saved means resting in the only one who can truly give us a life of fullness.

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