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Jesus Already Gave You Your Calling

Jesus Already Gave You Your Calling


What if I told you Jesus didn't care whether or not you were a nurse, a teacher, a CEO, a parent, or an accountant? What if I told you you could be a tax collector or a hippie or a gym rat or a preacher and Jesus would be totally chill?

Well guess what?  You can.

Because the truth is, Jesus just doesn't care what you do, as long as you work at it as though you were serving him (Col. 3:23) - glorifying Him in every aspect of your work.

When Jesus walked this earth He used people of all professions and from all walks in life.  He redeemed violent prosecutors.  He used both tax collectors and fisherman, and both jews and gentiles.  People of all religions, all professions, and all socioeconomic statuses.

But today we seem to struggle with trying to figure out what Jesus wants us to do.  We ask, "What am I being called to?"  When really, Jesus can use us right where we are.  All we have to do is ask Him to.

Jesus doesn't care what you do.  He simply wants you to follow Him while you do it.  To bring Him with you.  To make Him your priority.

So how do we do that?  How do we figure out what it is that we should do if Jesus doesn't exactly care what we do?

Well, fortunately, Jesus cares about a lot of other things - things that can help lead us to our so called, "calling".

He cares about you.  He cares about you and wants a relationship with you.  And sometimes we want to make our "what we do" a higher priority than "who we do it with" (answer should be: Jesus). And if that's the case, He might knock us around a little bit (discipline us like any good father would) until we're ready to move forward in our relationship with Him.  Only then, will our "what we do" be fruitful and conducive of good works.

Jesus also cares about other people.  So make sure that whatever you decide to do, serves others in some way shape or form.  If your priority in your work becomes your projects or your profits, and you forget about the people you are serving, chances are, your work will not be very fruitful.  Make Jesus and make people your priority.

And last, but not least, Jesus cares about how well you do your work.  I know it sounds crazy, but Jesus does not want you to make Him look bad.  It's kind of the problem with America and in my opinion, Christian movies.  But we'll save that for another post.  I heard it once said that, "Excellence honors God, and inspires people."  The reason people don't go to Christian movies (other than some Christians) is because they tend to be cheesy and just not quite as good as the other movies that are produced.  But the crazy thing about that is, is the truth we know, and too book we read, is SO MUCH GREATER than any movie ever written!  Why can't our work resemble that?

In the same way, the reason many non-believers don't come to know Jesus is because our lives tend to be riddled with the occasional Bible verse or Jesus fish on or car, but lack real evidence of life change as well.  We go to church and sing praise, and then we go to work, and constantly complain.  And I am beyond guilty of this!  Just the other day I wanted to play a prank on a co-worker because they were driving me absolutely insane.  But that's not at all what Jesus wanted me to do (see point about caring for other people).  I'd still like to think it would have been funny - but undoubtedly wrong.

Don't make your life resemble a low-grade Christian movie.  Make your life resemble the awesome story we know to be true.  Find out what you are good at.  Discover your gifts.  And do everything you can to use those gifts to glorify His great name, serve others, and produce great work.

Be an awesome accountant.  A kind tax collector.  An honest politician (lol).  A loving parent.

Do what you do and do it well.  And do it while you serve the Lord your God.

That's all Jesus wants you to do.

You Can't Legislate Love

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"Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?"