Hey Friend,

So glad you're here.  This story you and I are living is so much bigger than us.  So excited to get to be a part of it with you.

"It's all going to be okay."

"It's all going to be okay."


I don't really love to hear these words.  I don't know if that's just me, but when I feel like the world is ending I kind of just want to feel that way, be dramatic for a little bit, and then move on. Nevertheless, my mom has told me these words on more than one occasion in my life.

Any time I call and I am nervous about something (grades, job, money, life) or don't know what to do (adulting is hard) or I did something wrong at work, and I call her, secretly wanting her to get just as riled up as I am, she simply says...

"I'm sure it will be fine, Anna Kathryn."

Which is generally followed by me saying something like, "Okay well, talk to you later then...".  Hanging up frustrated and either going to the gym or a book or what I should start going to more often - prayer.

I guess in following her lead, and in taking on my role as a nurse at work, I recently told a very, very sick patient these words.

They rolled up on a stretcher with a blood pressure so low, that we couldn't believe they were awake and talking.  Gasping for air they asked, "What's going on?"  And I simply said, "You're blood pressure is a little too low, but we're going to get it back up."

Truthfully, I really had no idea if this person's blood pressure was going to come back up!  We could have been seconds or minutes away from starting CPR for all I knew!

And to be even more honest, I personally was not making any of the decisions on how we were going to get the blood pressure back up.  I was more of just a bystander lending a helping hand when asked.

Isn't it crazy though?  This almost innate desire we have to assure ourselves and others that everything will be okay.

Whether it be your mom or your crashing patient and their family.  We don't want things to not be okay.

And I think that this is because of who we are as human beings.

As human beings we were created by a God who wrote the timeline of history long before we ever existed.

He knew the mistakes we would make, the way we would fall victim to our desires, and the way we would run and hide from Him.

And He also knew, that He was going to make everything be okay.

We were created by a being and a good Father that cares for us and loves us, and knows that He has only goodness in store for us.  And that is why we desire that goodness, that peace, and that sense of "okay."

But His goodness may not always be revealed as we walk through this world of imperfectness.

There are many things we will encounter in this life that won't feel "okay" simply because, they aren't.

Things like death, divorce, rape, abortion, cancer, or suicide are not things that God intended to make us feel "okay".  These things are the consequences of our brokenness.  And they are evidence of our need for a savior.

When Jesus walked this earth He told His disciples, "I have told you these things so that you may have peace.  For in this life you will face trouble, but take heart, for I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)

So despite whether or not I know for sure if my patient is really, truly going to be okay, I think there is a part of us deep down - to the utter core of who we are as God's created beings - that knows it will.

And today, if you are a follower of Jesus, I can say with confidence, that it all will be okay.

It may not look like it, it may not feel like it, and the world may tell you it won't be, but if you open your Bible right now, He will tell you, that it will be.

He has got so much in store for us all.  Will you hang with Him?  Trust in Him?  Will you tell someone the truth you know so that they too can rest in knowing that He has made everything okay?

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