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I'm So Glad You're Not One Of Those Kinds Of Christians...

I'm So Glad You're Not One Of Those Kinds Of Christians...

Has anyone ever told you that they were so glad you weren't like those other Christians?

You know, those kind that always want to tell you how to live your life and how sinful you really are?  Those "born-again," anti-Halloween, dry-county, Christians.  The kind of Christians that give you dirty looks when you mess up and act like their lives are perfect.

I've heard both sides.  Some people thank me for not beating them over the head with my beliefs while others have referred to me as "religious" or another I was floored by (and is so far from the truth) "so godly."

I remember when I first heard the term "Bible-beater."

I remember when I first heard the term "Bible-beater."  It was in a conversation with some of my non-believing friends growing up and back then I was more concerned about fitting in than I was about standing up for Jesus.  They were bashing these so-called "Bible-beaters," so I swore I would never one.

I told myself I never wanted to make people feel the way so many "Christians" had made my friends feel.

And now today, I write, tweet, share, and post just about every day, hoping that everyone who sees what I write, tweet, share, and post, would come to know Jesus.  Today, I hope and pray and wish those friends who praised me for not speaking Gods truth into their lives, would come to know and read Gods truth every, single, day.

Bible-Beater Vs. Christ Follower

So what changed?  How did I go from promising myself that I would never tell someone how to live their life according to the Bible to someone who actively encourages a Christ-centered life on this blog of mine?

The only explanation I have, is that Jesus transformed my heart.

He brought me to a place where I heard the truth for the very first time.

The truth that, this Bible that I talk about so much wasn't written to beat people over the head with.

It was written to love people with.

Now I believe and know that the scriptures God has given us in His word are not made to restrict us, but to give us freedom.

That they are not only true but life-giving!

And that not sharing His truth and love with the people I know and love would just be cruel...

Sharing is Caring

I still have no desire to be a "Bible-beater," but I bet I will be labeled that.

My flesh still wants to fit in and be liked by everyone, but I probably won't be.

And my non-believing friends may distance themselves from me, and I think I may always struggle with that.

My hope is not that Christians would rise up and condemn all non-believers - Jesus didn't come for that.

My hope is that Christians will kneel down, and learn to love and serve and share with all of the non-believers they know.

My hope is that "those kinds of Christians," will no longer be a negative reference to the Christians who shame and exclude, but instead refer to the Church that cares and invites.

" we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well." 1 Thessalonians 2:8

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