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So glad you're here.  This story you and I are living is so much bigger than us.  So excited to get to be a part of it with you.

Do you live a life that chases security or a life that risks living by faith?

Do you live a life that chases security or a life that risks living by faith?

All my life, I've associated my faith and God with protection and security. But the more I've grown and the more I've realized that our faith in God and our mortal security rarely coincide with one another.

God doesn't promise us financial security or physical safety.  He actually tells us that if we follow Him, we will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12).

The only thing God promises us is that he will walk with us through the valleys of this life and eternal security - which is a lot, but often times it is not enough for us.

It wasn't enough for me until recently.

In college, I chose the degree that I thought would give me the best job security, not the degree that I was the most passionate about or the degree I was gifted in.

Not that I don't love nursing or that it hasn't been an incredible blessing in my life - Because it has, and I do.  I love taking care of patients and being there for people and working with an awesome team.

But if I am being honest, my passion is writing.  My passion is also people and nursing is one of the ways I pursue that passion, but my reasons for not pursuing writing in college were unfaithful to say the least.

I didn't trust God with my gifts.  I didn't trust that He would provide for me if I pursued my passion for writing.  I didn't trust that I was good enough to chase that dream.

And to be quite honest, I could continue to pursue writing and never see the slightest bit of "success" as this world defines it.  Because God doesn't promise us or teach us to be successful in the ways that this world deems successful.

God's definition of success is that His love and glory be made known - sometimes just to one person and sometimes to 7 million.

And that's the risk we have when we walk by faith.  We risk not being successful in the eyes of this world.  We risk not having our dream house or our dream car or our dream vacation.  Sometimes walking by faith even means that we risk our lives.

His glory may be made known through our success or through our failures, through our lives or in our death - but that is not for us to decide.

The only thing we have to decide is this:  Will we live a life chasing after this world's temporary security or will step out and risk living a life by faith, that promises eternal security?

It's up to us.  He's ready to use us.  He's ready to provide for us.  He's ready to set our lives a part from the rest of this world.  He's waiting on you.

by faith

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