Hey Friend,

So glad you're here.  This story you and I are living is so much bigger than us.  So excited to get to be a part of it with you.

Dear Chelsea, I want control too.

Dear Chelsea, I want control too.


Dear Chelsea, I want you to know that I understand.

No, I haven't had an abortion.  But that doesn't seem to be your issue. What I understand is that deep desire to want to control my future.

I understand that sometimes when this world hands us things that we don't think we can handle or problems that we can't solve, we want an escape route.  We want so desperately to control the future, to be able to plan it out and make it what we want to make it.

But the thing about that is... we can't.

I could drop dead at any moment from a heart attack, an aneurysm, or a car accident and never have anything else to say about it.

No last words.  No last jokes.  No choice.

That's the crazy thing about this life.  We didn't choose to be here.

So my question to you Chelsea is this:

How did you get here?

You can correct me if I'm wrong but the theory of evolution has and always will be just a theory.  New studies have shown there is a great chance that all of the human population did come from just one man and one woman (also see Genesis).  And this massive world, molecular system, and universe we know and study all appears to have a great deal of organization and creativity to it - but I guess that doesn't have to imply that there was one creator.  Maybe chaotic and uncontrolled explosions could in fact create the insanely developed and unique beings that we are today.

But what if there is a God, Chelsea?

What if we want control because we want security?  And what if we want security because we've felt insecure since the day we fell away from our creator? (See Genesis 3)

What if we crave intimacy because we long to be reunited with out loving God?

What if we create and work and laugh and sing and think because we were made in His image?

What if this life wasn't about the choices we get or don't get to make, but instead about the crazy idea that God made the choice to create you and me?

Maybe I'm crazy, Chelsea.  But what if I'm not?

I'm not here to convince you that abortion should or should not be legal.  I doubt I would get very far. But I'm glad you wrote your letter, Chelsea.  Truly I am. My hope and prayer is that hundreds and thousands of believers read it and begin praying for you.

Praying that you would come to know your loving creator. The one who is waiting for you with His arms open wide. To show you that your purpose is so much greater than making people laugh.

I believe God moved you to write that letter so that they would.

God loves you Chelsea.

With Love,


"God's Patience"

"God's Patience"

I Can't Make You Better

I Can't Make You Better