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Why We Can't Keep Choosing Comfort

Why We Can't Keep Choosing Comfort

When I went to Haiti back in November, I woke up every morning around 5:30 AM, went to the rooftop of our bunkhouse and had a good, hour long quiet time with the Lord.

Every morning.  Even after the longest day, when we saw the most patients.  Even after the excruciating heat and lack of air conditioning.

Every morning, I woke up.


Because every morning I woke up at 5:30 having to go to the bathroom and I was on the top bunk.  And every morning I just couldn't make myself climb back under my mosquito net and climb back into my not-so-comfortable top bunk.

I chose the comfort of my hammock and the beauty of the sunrise instead of the dark, muggy, net covered bed in our bunk room.

It really wasn't that difficult of a choice.

What all of this really was, was God showing me how good time with Him was.  How much I really NEEDED Him.  And how great and not tired I felt throughout the rest of my day, despite my previous reasons for not spending time with Him in the mornings.

And yet, since I've been home, I've consistently chosen the comfort of my bed over time with God.

I've made excuses.  I've said I'm too tired.  That I'm not a morning person.

And the excuses have to stop.

Because I've recently been convicted that every time I choose comfort over God, I'm saying that I love comfort more.

And this can not be so.  We must stop choosing comfort and here's why:

Comfort is Easy & Overrated

I love comfort because it is easy.  It's easy for me to just stay up late and have my quiet time then.  But just because something is easy doesn't mean we should settle for it.  In fact, that is rarely the case.

"If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worth it." -Unknown

Most good things take hard work.  Marriage is hard, but so, so good.  Parenting is hard, but well worth it.  Doing the good work He has set before you is hard, but incredibly fulfilling.

And our time and our relationship with God is no different.

All good things require both work and time.  Rarely do beautiful things blossom if you fail to work hard to make sure they are watered enough and get enough sunlight.

Easy is overrated.  

Comfort Inhibits Your Potential

When we choose comfort over time with God, we fail to nurture a large part of ourselves.  We fail to renew our hearts and minds and our potential can easily become choked out by the worries and distractions of this life (Lk 8; Rm 12:2).

When we choose comfort we also fail to challenge ourselves and in turn become stagnant, and stop growing.

I'm learning this for myself right now as well.  I am so comfortable behind this computer screen.  If you give me a pen and paper or a laptop with Microsoft word, I can put a string of words together.

But my confidence in person rarely adds up.  My confidence in speaking the very words I'm writing, isn't always there.

Namely because I immediately become overly concerned with myself and what others think and forget that it's God who has given me these words.

When we stop choosing comfort we are forced to rely on God to come through.  And all of a sudden, whatever we are doing becomes less about us trying to meet our potential or the expectations of others, and more about HIM completing the work He has already started within us (Phil. 1:6).

Do you believe that?  Do you believe God has started a work in you?  That He wants to use YOU?  Yes, you mom.  Yes, you teacher.  Yes, you barista.  Yes, you student.

Are you letting comfort keep you from reaching HIS full potential IN you??

Comfort Keeps You From Experiencing The Most of God

Many people say that getting up in the morning to workout first thing, helps their entire day to go better.

Why?  Because their metabolism is jumpstarted, they feel even more awake than after a cup of coffee, and they feel prepared to face the day.

In essence, they get to benefit from their workout throughout the rest of their day.

They are getting the most out of their workout.

Do we not desire the same from God?  Do we not desire to get the MOST out of Him?  To spend the MOST time with Him?  To know as much about Him as we possibly can?

Like how awesome is it that the God of the universe would even DESIRE to have a relationship with us?!

So my question is, will we continue to choose sleep over Him?  The gym over Him?  Facebook over Him?

Will we continue to choose what is comfortable and easy, or will we wake up every morning knowing that the only reason we did is because God keeps choosing to put breath in our lungs?

I wrote this ebook in the beginning of the year, but need the reminder now as much as ever.  If you're looking to figure out how to reprioritize your life and reclaim your time with God, this book is for you.  I hope y'all will check it out and be encouraged.


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