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So glad you're here.  This story you and I are living is so much bigger than us.  So excited to get to be a part of it with you.

Who doesn't love Fall?

Who doesn't love Fall?


Of all of the four seasons, I think Fall is just about the only one that very few people complain about.  Most people like Spring too, but Fall seems to just captivate everyone.  From pumpkin flavored things to football season, Thanksgiving, and cooler weather, what could you possibly complain about right?

Of all of the four seasons, I think it's safe to say that Fall is the favorite.

And I'm afraid we've made a mistake. It's our human nature to pick favorites; to not see the beauty in all things - or all seasons.

I have been humbly reminded of this, this year, as I have journeyed through my very first wedding season as a single woman.

So often our seasons of singleness aren't as celebrated as our seasons of married life or family life.  Our seasons of singleness are more like that hot September day when we've had enough of Summer already and we are just dying for that October weather to get here and save us from the heat.

And y'all, what I am learning is that we are cutting ourselves short when we choose to celebrate one season of life more than we celebrate the other.

What if we enjoyed every moment of every season that we journeyed through in this life?

What if through the blistering cold, wind, and ice of Winter we focused solely on the beauty of the white snow, the joy of the holiday season, the generosity that fills our hearts, and the warmth and sweetness of hot chocolate and family time by the fire?

What if instead of dreading the humidty and unbearable heat of Summer, we only let ourselves think about the wonderful pool/river/ocean time we will have, smoothie's we will drink, and sunshine we will see?

It's crazy isn't it?

Every season has something wonderful to offer and yet halfway through one we are almost instantly longing for the next.

Now I know some seasons are hard - seasons of loss, adveristy, and poor health aren't seasons that we necessarily should celebrate, but they also aren't seasons we should just disregard.

During the bitter cold of winter or the bitter seasons of life, when you don't live in the beautiful snowy mountains of Colorado, we have to work to bring warmth and beauty into our lives.  We have to trust that God is at work.  And it's that journey, and that search, and the people who accompany us on that journey, that make each season beautiful in its own way.

I pray that we go forth and stop selling ourselves short.  That we stop denying ourselves joy and start searching for beauty in every season.  I pray we stop letting the world tell us what we need and start focusing on who we need.  Jesus is with us in every season, working on us and making us his.  I pray we learn to invite him in, trust in him, and run to him in every season we come to.

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The Wedding Day

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