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3 Ways To Be Bold As An Introvert

3 Ways To Be Bold As An Introvert

Over the past month or so (I actually can’t remember when we started), the church I go to (Watermark Community Church) has been praying for boldness within our community.  That we as a church body would be bold in sharing our faith and sharing Jesus with the people of DFW, Texas.

And to be quite honest, I wasn’t 100% sold on it when we first started.  Well, I was sold on the idea, but I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to pray for these opportunities to be bold.

I tend to be more introverted and praying for opportunities that would require me to step out, speak up, and be bold, did (and still occasionally does) not sound very appealing.

But as time has passed, and my prayers and fears and the prayers of my church community have been prayed and heard, my heart has slowly changed.

Here is what I have learned about how to be bold as an introvert:


Despite my fear of praying for moments to be bold, it is prayer that has made me feel the most prepared in the moments that have arisen.  Because even while I was afraid to pray for boldness, I had a community of people still praying for those moments.

When I was in Haiti just a couple of weeks ago, I went to prayer more often than not.  When moments would arise that I was unsure of or when communication barriers would arise, prayer is where I would go.  I would pray with my patient, to God, and ask that He would step in.  That He would work and grow their relationship with Him.  And that they would surround themselves by a group of believers that would encourage them away from sin and more towards Christ every single day.

Prayer steps in when we aren’t able to.


Of course, I’ve always understood the purpose of practice.  I played three sports in High School. Practice was my life.

But for some reason this has not translated into my spiritual life.

I let being more introverted, be my excuse to not practice being bold for Christ.

But there is no excuse when it comes to sharing the most important thing in the world with everyone you know.

There is not a soul on this earth that Jesus did not come for.  So we must keep sharing the good news.

Practice however, does help.  The more we tell people about Jesus, the more comfortable we get with it.  The more we can get used to the different kinds of responses we will receive.

The indifferent response.  The angry response.  Or the accepting response.


Probably the biggest weight lifted from me was when I stopped making being bold about ME.  I’ve learned over the past few weeks that I value my reputation – almost to the point of valuing it more than my salvation.

What will people think of me if I keep talking about Jesus?  How will they see me?  Will they stop hanging out with me?

What do you value more than your salvation and the salvation of others?

There are times when I do still hesitate.  And God, by no means commands us to be socially awkward or weird or shameful or prideful towards others.

God is none of those things – don’t make Him look like those things to others.

But if you are praying constantly for God to give you the opportunities, for the words when those opportunities arise, and for those who you will be crossing paths with throughout the day, God will work.

If you practice, you will see that many are receptive and even desperate for the good news.

And if you stop making it about you, His hope and light and love will shine through.

He will soften hearts, He will grow you spiritually, seeds will be planted, and His kingdom will continue to grow just like it has for 2,000+ years.

What better business is there to be a part of then one that will make an eternal impact?

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