A Little Closer To Eden

To me, Eden sounds like a dream come true.  

And I am pretty pumped that the Lord says He is gonna come back and make this world perfect again like it originally was in the garden.

I mean, I'm excited for Jesus to come back and all, but I might also be equally as excited to be able to pet whatever animal I want, climb whatever mountain I want (without getting out of breath), and do whatever other extreme sports I want that I'm currently terrified of. 

Are We Really Making Progress?

Before I went to Haiti back in May, a comment was made to me. In so many words, this person said, "I'm sure it's good you're going and all - it's good to help others - but are y'all even really making progress down there?" This person - like many others - had a bit of a hopeless mentality about Haiti. They knew about the storms and earthquakes that have ravaged the nation.  They knew the poverty that existed in the nation.